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General membership will always be free in Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform, but we invite you to increase your level of engagement by becoming a Fellow of the organization.


  • Constitute the voting body of Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform
  • Are eligible to hold leadership positions within the organization including Taskforce Director and Committee Chair
  • Are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors
  • Are eligible to serve on the Speakers’ Bureau
  • Can participate in shaping the agenda of the organization’s Board of Directors

Fellowship fee for physicians is $100 annually.

Fellowship fee for medical students and allied members is $25 annually.

Become A Fellow

Where do my dues go?

Fellowship fees are used to fund PfCJR’s operational costs including but not limited to:

  • Costs associated with maintaining online and social media presence
  • Accounting/legal fees
  • Development of media campaigns
  • Costs associated with development and delivery of trainings for physicians and public
  • Travel costs for members of PfCJR Speakers’ Bureau
  • Funding for research and white paper development